‘Introduction to Permaculture’ Gardening Course

This weekend course is ideal for you if you want to start growing your own fruit, vegetables and herbs in a natural, ecologically friendly way. It covers the basics of permaculture design as well as demonstrating practically how to transform your backyard or plot into a lush productive food system.

Courses are offered at Kuruma near Worcester, about an hour’s drive from Cape Town.

Areas covered: Compost Making and Soil Life; Sheet Mulching; Vermiculture; Chicken Tractors; Water Strategies and Irrigation including Swales; Permaculture Design Principles including Zoning and Sectors; Planning and Planting different beds/areas; Nursery Work including Sowing, Transplanting, Soil Mixtures and Propagation;  Seed Saving and Storage.

Cost:  R950

The price above includes course fees and two lunches (Saturday and Sunday).

Accommodation in the form of four self-catering cottages (Kuruma Farm Cottages) is available on the farm where the course is offered. Please contact Celeste for inquiries: / 079 504 9512

Course dates:

18 to 20 March 2016

15 to 17 April 2016

13 to 15 May 2016

Schedule: 6 pm – 8.30 pm on Friday (incorporating bring-and-share meal);  7.30 am – 5 pm on Saturday ; 7.30 am – 2 pm on Sunday

What to bring: Hat, sun cream, gardening gloves (optional), containers for plant materials, seeds you may have to share; favourite permaculture / homesteading / gardening book.

For further inquiries please contact us.

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