Depending on the size and complexity of a design it can be implemented in one or several phases.

We are able to source the required materials, bring them to your site and implement the productive system according to the approved design or agreed upon plan. We can take care of everything – from earthworks to laying out beds and pathways all the way to planting your seeds and seedlings. Many clients, however, enjoying being part of the process and like to source some materials themselves or get their own hands dirty as well. This is greatly encouraged as it helps the client become more independent. We are always willing to help where we can.

A permaculture garden is all about healthy, living soil. We put all the necessary systems in place that will ensure the complexity and fertility of your soil will increase over time.

All materials will ideally be sourced as close as possible to where you are. Seeds, seedlings, worms and young fruit trees will be sourced from trusted sources.

We will train you on site and educate you about everything you need to know to maintain your food garden and to obtain maximum yields. We want your food garden to succeed in the long run and we will keep working hand in hand with you if you need further training and support.

You will also automatically gain access to our growing permaculture network and online resources.

Costs: The current rate for a consultant to spend a day working on your site is R850. The consultant will spent a minimum of 5 hours providing inputs. Extras quoted on beforehand are: Fuel (charged at the AA rate per km from Rawsonville); additional manual labour (if required); sundries such as fuel for chain saws etc.

“Gardening is the unifying art of transforming energy into food.”
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“Healthy plants and trees yield abundant flowers and fruits. Similarly, from a healthy person, smiles and happiness shine forth like the rays of the sun.”
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